Create Your Job Seeker Webpage

  1. Under JobSeeker Services, click on the link provided under the My JobSeeker Web Page.
  2. Fill out the form. Under Summary of Qualifications, detail your work experience, training, skills,
    qualifications, education, etc. Click on Sample to see a sample of the format.
  3. You may upload a photo (optional). Here are a few tips on taking your own photo.
    • Look your subject in the eye
    • Use a plan background
    • Use flash outdoors
    • Wear interview-appropriate clothing
    • Wear solid colors
    • Make sure you have good lighting
    • Be careful not to create shadows on your photo
    • Smile
  4. A resume is required. If you don't have a resume, there are various websites available for a very minimal cost and some are free. Try
  5. You may record a video (optional). Use the video to describe the information you provided in your summary of qualifications. The video should be from 30 seconds to a minute long. Once you have recorded, review the video, replace/re-do it or accept what you have recorded by clicking Submit.
    Here are a few tips on recording your video.


    • Select an area that is free of outside noise or interference
    • Have a presentable and neat background
    • Make family or household aware that you are recording
    • Speak close to the microphone so you can be heard
    • Have good and bright lighting so you don’t create shadows
    • Turn off all other devices
    • Wear interview-appropriate clothing with solid colors
    • Create good eye contact
    • End your recording with a pleasant smile

Once all your information has been entered, your JobSeeker WebPage will display under JobSeeker
Services under the tab My JobSeeker WebPage.