Employer Services

Why use WPMG Jobs? Our Employer Services Section is a specialized and tailored employment feature that allows an employer to design their search for qualified applicants.

When a job is posted on WPMG Jobs,

  • Applicants apply by submitting their Jobseeker WebPage or resume.
  • WPMG Jobs screens the applicants to match them to the employer.
  • Arrangements are made to meet the employer(s) for which they qualify.
  • The Meet and Greet is virtually scheduled by time and date using WPMG Online Portal.
  • Employer can select top candidates for each job posting.
  • List of Job Seekers
  • Virtual Interview Room
  • Job Posting (sample)
person sitting in a chair in front of a man

Post Your Jobs

If you are hiring, post your jobs/positions on our website!

Post videos, flyers, job descriptions or any combination!