Swan Products LLC

We are Swan Products – The Watering CompanyTM

We are defined by a commitment to being the leader in what we do. Enriching lives by bringing water, the Earth’s most essential resource, to where it is needed most. For passionate gardeners, proud homeowners and hardworking farmers, we feed, beautify and grow. Making the world better and more sustainable through the experience, knowledge and creativity that flows through every hose we make. We are SWAN Products. The Watering CompanyTM

Our mission.

To be the leader of innovative and environmentally-friendly watering solution systems. We aim to develop best-in-class products and provide superior customer service while continuously seeking better ways to share Earth’s most precious resource.

Our history.

Swan Products, LLC is a leading manufacturer of lawn and garden watering products in North America. Founded in 1927 as the Swan River Tire and Rubber Company, we are one of the original manufacturers of hoses in the industry. As a privately held company, we retain our position in the market with strategically placed manufacturing and distribution facilities throughout the United States and Canada.

Our Customer Support Locations

Swan Products, LL C corporate headquarters is located in Atlanta, GA. Our customer support center is located Marion, OH where our world class customer service team resides. You can reach our customer service team at 1-800-800-HOSE (4673).

Our Manufacturing

We are committed to making the world’s best quality hoses. We proudly manufacturer our hoses in the U.S.A. We employ our own personnel at our facilities to ensure the standard of manufacturing meets the quality standards and safety standards expected of our consumers and the industry. We have world class facilities in Waco, TX and Sparks, NV that make all of our garden, industrial and aeration hoses in those locations.

Our Commitment to the Environment

As the leading Watering Company in the world, Swan is committed to our environment. With our focus on water conservation we develop and provide water conservative products (like soaker hose) to help consumers continue to water their lawns and plants while minimize the use of water. Swan is committed to utilizing recycled materials in our products, to the greatest extent possible, to help reduce waste and improve our environment.

For more information on Swan®, call 800-800-HOSE (4673) or email swan.cs@swanhose.com

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