Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC.

Since January 1989, Workforce Partners Management Group, LLC (WPMG) has provided publishing, employment, consulting and transition-related services to clients around the world. Its clients include the United States Government (GSA), Texas Workforce Commission, local workforce boards, community colleges and various other institutions by offering books, training, consulting, job fairs and placement services.

In 2008, WPMG services included the development of a Re-Employment Center which assisted many laid-off workers to create resumes, develop job-readiness/job search skills, learn to use a computer and find employment. Many of our customers continue to thrive today in new and exciting fields they had not considered viable for themselves.

Assisting military personnel, housing authority residents, food stamp/TANF recipients, and workers who have been downsized and seeking direction, WPMG has created an innovative method on how to connect employers and jobseekers — WPMGJobs.com.

Our website, WPMGJobs.com, was created to link employers and jobseekers. Both the jobseeker and the employer are encouraged to create their own webpages for the purpose of connecting qualified jobseekers to employers needing their jobs filled with applicants capable of doing the job.

WPMG screens and assesses applicants and puts them into designated categories of their choosing in order to make their placement a good and profitable fit. This allows for matching qualified jobseekers to available and appropriate employers.

Welcome to WPMGJobs.com!

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