Maintanence Aide A

Waco Housing Authority

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs a variety of maintenance tasks at assigned housing developments with minimal supervision. May work independently or be assigned to a crew of workers. May give assistance or be assigned to specific functions and duties requiring power and/or hand tools to perform general maintenance, repair, and construction. Specific duties include the following.

Makes minor repairs or replaces plumbing fixtures and fittings such as leaky faucets, clogged drains and sewer lines, damaged toilets, sinks, water cutoffs and patches/repairs tile floors.

Repairs, builds and replaces cabinets and countertops; builds doorframes and shelving for housing units.

Performs ground care such as trimming trees and picking up trash.

Assists in making carpentry repair/replacements to damaged walls, roofs, woodwork, floors, gutters and downspouts, doors and door knobs, fences, gates, windows, peepholes, clotheslines and door and window screens.

Assist Maintenance Mechanic in performing other duties concerning maintenance of the dwelling facilities, grounds and equipment.

Makes minor repairs to hot water heaters and replaces non-functional hot water heaters. Repair air conditioners as part of a team.

Work emergency and after hours calls

Works on major sewer damage or water leak repairs as part of a team.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

High school graduate or GED. Two years experience in building maintenance or vocational training which involved training and/or experience in areas of carpentry, plumbing, and electrical repairs, or an equivalent combination of education and experience. HVAC Certified preferred.

Good knowledge of techniques, methods, materials, and equipment used in plumbing, carpentry, and electrical repairs; and in the repair of household appliances, and heating systems.

Skill in the use of various hand and power tools.

Ability to read and understand moderately complex repair manuals, and instructions/warning on cleaning agents; write service requests, maintenance reports.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other Authority employees and residents.

Good knowledge of Housing Authority Accident Prevention Program. Valid Texas driver’s license.
Eligibility for coverage under Authority fleet auto insurance. Supervision Received and Given

The employee receives instructions from the Director of Maintenance or delegated maintenance staff. Generally, methods of accomplishing assignments are at the discretion of the employee within established procedures and repair manual guides. Deadlines and priorities are generally set by the supervisor and the employee’s progress is monitored regularly. The employee’s work is reviewed generally for accuracy and completeness.

The employee may monitor work of other personnel that may be assigned to assist in performing maintenance tasks.


The employee references, diagrams and service manuals as needed to make repairs. All other instructions are generally given orally and supplement established procedures. If a situation not covered by guidelines arises, the employee consults the supervisor for guidance.


The employee performs a limited to moderate number of tasks which require personal judgment and decision-making based on technical knowledge and experience. Instructions to the employee are moderately broad and routine.

Scope and Effect

The employee’s work primarily affects the residents in the housing development to which the employee is assigned. It also impacts on the adequacy of total low-rent housing provided by the Authority. Through successful accomplishment of maintenance tasks, the Authority is able to continue to provide decent, safe and sanitary housing.

Personal Contacts

The employee’s personal contacts are primarily with residents and other employees. Contacts with residents are particularly important. The purpose of these is to give and obtain information necessary to do the maintenance tasks efficiently and safely and document all actions. Conditions under which contacts occur can range from normal to stressful in an emergency situation, such as a gas leak or power failure.

Physical Demands

The employee must operate hand and power tools and equipment. Normal physical activity can be strenuous and may involve prolonged standing, walking, reaching, bending, crouching, stooping, and lying prone. The employee must use arm strength to manipulate hand tools such as saws, sanders and jointers. The employee must occasionally push, pull, and/or lift objects up to and over 25 pounds. Work requires spatial perception and finger and manual dexterity.

The employee works indoors and outdoors and is exposed to weather extremes. The employee may occasionally be subject to electrical shock hazards, dangerous heights, dangerous chemicals, and skin irritants (e.g., cleaning solutions, solvents, insecticides). The employee may be required to use goggles, gloves, safety boots, and other safety equipment.

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